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Movement that makes a difference.

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Guided Meditation
Crystal Singing Bowls
LYT Yoga
Namaste Dancin'
LYT Yoga Flow
Belly Dance

Our mission is to bring fierce people together to move their bodies and to tap into their own personal power through improving strength and body alignment. We strive to create a space where we can be authentic and badass, challenge the body and mind and manifest the best version of ourselves. Whether you are new to movement or a seasoned pro, we want to help you reach your fitness goals.

What our clients are saying about us:

"Anna is the BEST! Her training has truly changed my life. An investment in my strength, health, and posture. Highly recommend!"

Meaghan C. 

"I literally said 'Where has this class been all my life!? Absolutely loved it and can't wait to try the other classes"

Dawn M. 

"Such a fun class- knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. I really appreciated her encouragement to listen to our bodies and do what felt right."

Emily F. 

"Anna is a great teacher, watches very carefully my movements to make sure I am doing them correctly. She takes time to listen to my questions and then explain how or why."

Maureen P.

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