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Anna began her journey into health and wellness when she was introduced to belly dance at 19. Quickly falling in love with its emotive and sensual qualities Anna began teaching in 2005 and was creative director for Haremstella fusion dance troupe. Inspired by a desire to help people with their health and movement, she attended Kaplan University where she pursued her bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science, graduating in 2015. Since graduating she has certified as a personal trainer with ACE Fitness in 2015, completed the belly dance teacher training program at Bellyqueen School in New York, NY in 2020, and recently certified as a mat Pilates instructor through the Pilates Instructor Academy, and licensed as a massage therapist in 2023. Anna is now concurrently working to complete certifications in Integrated Manual Therapy and Human Movement through the Brookbush Institute, further deepening her love and devotion to the human body.

pilates instructor, personal trainer, personal training, massage therapist, massage therapy

Anna Masciadri, LMT, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, PT, Certified Pilates Instructor
Owner of RBF Studio

tai chi, massage therapy, personal training

Lisa is an enthusiastic student of tai chi, Qigong and all things martial arts and has been studying with Tai Chi Vermont and Marty Kidder for several years. As a teacher Lisa strives to ensure that students fully understand the nuances, form and history of these amazing forms of movement. 

In addition to martial arts, Lisa is a biologist with the State of Maine, an avid kayaker, knitter and community theatre enthusiast.

Lisa St. Hilaire, Tai Chi Master

Deadra began her belly dance journey in 2001, when she took classes with Dawn Habash in Farmingdale, Maine. After studying under a few other local instructors she started teaching her own classes in 2009. 

She is creative director for the dance troupe Situ Men, a perennial favorite at the Live Edge Music Festival in Whitefield, Maine. 

Deadra is passionate about the grounding, sensual qualities of belly dance and the grace and joy for life it brings. She shares her joy of belly dance with her Beginner Belly Dance class. 

belly dance, belly dance classes, belly dance teacher, pilates, massage therapist, personal trainer

Deadra Taczli, Belly Dance Instructor

Julia recognizes yoga as her strongest anchor in both her personal and professional life. She has a dedicated personal practice and 10 years of teaching experience. Julia completed her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 and 300 hour in 2014, both in Maui, Hawaii. A few years later, she certified in prenatal yoga. 

Most recently, Julia completed 300 hours of training in the LYT Yoga Method, created by physical therapist Lara Heimann.

Julia incorporates the therapeutic aspect of LYT Yoga with the more traditional Buddhist and Yogic philosophies to create a grounded approach that is open and accessible to all. 

She has benefited greatly from her yoga practice and takes great pride in creating classes that are accessible to all bodies with the use of variations and modification so that all participants can feel comfortable in their body and practice. 

Yoga, pilates, massage therapy, massage therapist, pilates, personal trainer

Julia Galbraith, E-RYT, Certified LYT Yoga Instructor

belly dance, belly dance teacher, belly dance classes, pilates, massage therapy, personal trainer

Faranah began dancing in 2001. She was taught by Phaedra of Boston, Shalimar of Connecticut, and Rose Champagne and Shifah of Massachusetts. She has performed throughout New England as both a soloist and as a member of various troupes. Performing with Troupe Sahibat, her choreography won an award in a Boston competition. Faranah has more than ten years of experience teaching belly dance. She believes that this art form can change your life, build your confidence, and help you share your beauty with the world.

Karen Ferroni "Faranah", Belly Dance Instructor

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